Ms. Kim

Kim Darland is the Owner and Director of Love N' Laughter since 2000.  She has taught in the Parkway School District and has a genuine love for the early childhood years.

Owner and Director

Ms. Kaycie

Ms. Kaycie joined Love N' Laughter as a teacher's assistant in May 2009. Kaycie teaches the three year old classroom and also helps run the office side of Love N' Laughter.  Kaycie's patience, warm heart and creativity have made her a wonderful part of our team.

3 Year Old Teacher/ Office Manager

Ms. Valerie

Ms. Valerie has spent the last couple years at Love N Laughter in our Pre K classroom. We are excited to have her gentle hand with our two year olds this year! . Ms. Valerie shows care and patience in helping the new children feel comfortable as they transition from the home environment into their first school experience.

Two Year Old Teacher

Ms. Sue

Ms. Sue has been with our older two year olds for a few years now.  She brings warmth and her bubbly personality to the room when working with some our youngest members of Love N' Laughter.

Older Two Year Old Teacher

Ms. Theresa

Ms. Theresa joined the Love N' Laughter staff in March of 2004.  Theresa previously taught Kindergarten in the Parkway school system and currently teaches our 4 year old classroom.  Her love of math and science and her dedication to learning is obvious in the classroom.

Four Year Old Teacher

Ms. Karen

Ms. Karen joins for another year in the pre-k classroom.  She earned a Masters degree from Webster University in Early Childhood Education in 1997.  Her loving personality is a joy to have with the oldest members of our school.

Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

Ms. Julie

Ms. Julie is new to us this year. Her fun and caring personality add a great part to the Love N Laughter team. Her and Ms. Karen make up an awesome team when it comes to teaching our oldest kids in Pre K!

Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

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