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Meet Our Team

Ms. Kim

Owner and Director

Kim Darland is the Owner and Director of Love N' Laughter since 2000. She previously taught for the Parkway School District. Her passion and love for the early childhood years led her to her dream of working with preschoolers when her own children were attending Love N' Laughter. She experiences joy everyday working with her staff, the children and all the families. 

Ms. Kaycie

Office Manager

Ms. Kaycie joined the Love N' Laughter team in May 2009 as a teachers assistant. She has taught every age group over the years. She now holds the title as Office Manager, keeping our Love N' Laughter community very engaged and informed. Kaycie's patient warm heart and creativity make her a wonderful part of our team. 

Ms. Peyton

Two Year Old Teacher

Ms. Peyton joined us in 2019 as an afternoon teacher. Her dedication to the children and preschool quickly moved her to the 2 year old lead teacher in 2022. Peyton's gentle ways, patience and overall love for children shines in her classroom daily. 


Ms. Abbie

Two/Three Year Old Teacher

Ms. Abbie has been volunteering at Love N' Laughter since she was 8. She became part of our staff in 2018. She was in charge of our afternoon staff and is loved by all our children and families with her sweet, caring personality. In Summer 2024, Abbie moved into the role of teaching our older 2's/younger 3's classroom. 

Ms. Shannon

Three Year Old Teacher

After her daughter graduated from Love N' Laughter in 2021, Ms. Shannon decided to continue her relationship with our preschool family by becoming our 3 year old teacher. She has been in childcare for almost 20 years. Shannon runs a beautifully structured classroom, keeping her children busy and engaged all day long. 

Ms. Kat

Three/Four Year Old Teacher

Ms. Kat joined the LNL family summer of 2022. She has been teaching for over 15 years. She has worked with all age groups and currently our older 3's/young 4's teacher. Although, Kat is the newest member of our staff we feel that she has been with us for years, as she fits so perfectly, sharing all of the same values and beliefs of which Love N' Laughter is based upon. 

Ms. Theresa

Four Year Old/ Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

Ms. Theresa joined Love N' Laughter in March of 2004. Theresa previously taught Kindergarten in the Parkway School district and currently teaches our pre-k classroom. Her love of literacy, math and science are apparent through out her curriculum. Obviously, Theresa is a very important member of our team, approaching 20 years of dedication. 

Ms. Heidi

Four Year Old/ Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

Ms. Heidi began her partnership with Love N' Laughter back in 2016, teaching religion and substitute teaching. Luckily, we convinced her to become a lead teacher in 2021, beginning with our 3 year olds. She now teaches in our pre-k classroom with Ms. Theresa and Ms. Laura. Heidi has a strong background in science and is evident in her curriculum. 


Ms. Laura

Four Year Old/ Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

After teaching for the Kirkwood School District for 30 years, Ms. Laura retired in May of 2022. We were ecstatic to have her join the Love N' Laughter family in June of 2022. She brought her love of teaching math and literacy with her. Laura's energy and excitement of working with children can be seen daily in the classroom and on the playground. 

Ms. Emme, Ms. Maria, Ms. Madeline, Ms. Danielle, Ms. Emily and Ms. Yena are all apart of our afternoon staff. They all do a wonderful job engaging the children in social play all afternoon until pick up. 

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